15 December 2015

How to Find Gifts For Lolitas

This blog post is not a gift idea guide, but more of a general gift buying source for all styles. 

Are you not a lolita but want to buy a special gift for your lolita friend of family member? Are you a lolita who has no clue what to get your friend? Then you’re in the right place!

The most important thing to consider when buying gifts for Lolitas is to match their style. Nobody wants to fake gratitude for something you’ll never wear or use. It’s the thought that counts, but don’t waste your time or money on something that will sit in the back of the closet. So don’t just type in “lolita clothes” into Google or Ebay!

Most lolitas post photos of their outfits online. Some even have photo albums on Facebook where they will post photos of their lolita wardrobes. Look through the social media of the person you’re buying a gift for. Get a feel for their style and what items they generally go for.

If you make or buy something that matches a specific piece they own, bonus points for you! Your loved one will really appreciate the thought and consideration you put into thinking of them. 

For example, if the person you’re looking for has a wardrobe like mine, full of roses and teddy bear motifs, a great inexpensive gift would be a headband with some pretty flowers on it in pinks and whites. I have a lot of dresses with bears on it, and my friend got me this adorable hair clip that goes really well with some of my dresses.

If you’re not good at thinking of creative gifts, you can always get resourceful with gift cards. Angelic Pretty USA provides online gift cards with a minimum of 20$, but you can also get your friend a card for a makeup store, somewhere that sells really cute shoes or accessories, etc.

Last but not least, if you have a decent budget for these gifts, there are a multitude of indie lolita shops that are easy to buy from. I know my mom will sometimes get me lolita gifts for my birthday or Christmas, but she never wants to navigate around Chinese or Japanese websites. This year, she bought me a coffee-themed dress from a US-based designer called Sweet Mildred. Etsy and Storenvy are great places to look for these kinds of things.

Here are a few great shops to look through that are easily to navigate and purchase from:

  • DaisyDaisy sells lolita clothing and also some beautiful jewelry.
  • Mervailles makes gorgeous headpieces, but if you want to see her fancy hats, check out her Facebook.
  • Cute Parade sells sugary sweet accessories and jewelry that are inexpensive.
  • Sweet Mildred is one of my favorite brands for headpieces based in the U.S. (she also makes a few dresses).
  • Fantastic Grim makes gothic jewelry.
  • Fatally Feminine makes detailed sweet jewelry but is a bit pricey.
  • Eat Me Ink Me makes classic and gothic lolita dresses.
  • DreamHolic sells great quality wigs for lolitas that like to wear them.
  • SheenasBellaBows makes really unique headpieces and accessories for lots of themes!
  • VoodooDolly makes hauntingly beautiful jewelry, but items go quickly and are pricey.
  • My Dear Charming doesn't have many items out yet, but the owner is amazing and her tights are adorable.
  • Tour New Soul takes a long time to restock, but makes mini hats in a lot of different styles.
  • Mossbadger makes amazing lolita clothes and accessories, but items go quickly!
  • Peppermint Fox also has amazing dresses and accessories that go quickly!

I’ve also made a video about this topic, I’ll put the link below. Please go and watch!

There are countless lolita-related gift ideas. In fact, you don’t need to get anything that relates to lolita fashion, but sometimes people are difficult to shop for. Maybe your loved one asked specifically for something lolita related but didn’t give you a wishlist. I hope this video helps you find something special that will bring a genuine smile to someone’s face!

35 Winter Meetup Ideas

Creative Meetup Ideas:

  1. Chocolate factory tour
  2. Dessert tour around your town
  3. Ice skating
  4. Baking swap
  5. Museum tour
  6. Horse-drawn carriage rides
  7. White Elephant/Secret Santa
  8. Watch a holiday parade before lunch/tea
  9. Do something charitable (i.e. Project Linus)
  10. Make gingerbread houses
  11. Attend a dog sled race (depending on your state/country)
  12. Go caroling
  13. Antique fairs/shops
  14. Ballroom dance lesson
  15. Indoor mini golf
  16. Drive to see Christmas lights
  17. Craft night
  18. See The Nutcracker
  19. Hot chocolate tastings
  20. Private tea party at home
  21. Decorate cookies
  22. Victorian house/castle tour
  23. Embroidery/knitting group lesson
  24. Movie night
  25. Indoor rollerskating
  26. Bowling
  27. Visit a Christmas Market
  28. Victorian Christmas Faire (i.e. Dickens on the Strand, Dickens Fair)
  29. Private LUSH party
  30. Speakeasy/bars that offer warm/winter cocktail specials
  31. Visit a butterfly/flower conservatory
  32. New Year's Eve party
  33. Murder Mystery dinner party
  34. Stroll through an outdoor Christmas park
  35. Attend a symphony

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