13 June 2015

Larme-Kei on a Budget

Larme-Kei is a recent Japanese fashion trend that many of you have probably seen floating around on Instagram, Tumblr, and other sources that showcase Japanese street fashion. Now, I won't bother going into detail about the origins of this trend and what makes an outfit larme or not - because Universal Doll does a fantastic job at that here.

The purpose of this post is to provide you with a few options on how to dress larme without dropping hundreds of dollars on brands such as Swankiss and Katie.

1. DreamV / Yumetenbo

I love Dreamv to bits ever since I found out about the brand several years ago. While you used to be able to find their items a little bit cheaper on their Taobao store, they have since taken it down. But not to fret! You can still get DreamV over on the Rakuten english site where they will ship it all around the world.

DreamV has a line of pastel clothing just perfect for Larme-kei called "Mon Lily", and most of their items are fairly inexpensive. Clothing pieces typically range from ~$20 to ~$50.

2. Taobao Resellers

Since not everyone wants to deal with using a shopping service and Google Translator to fish around on Taobao, there are numerous resellers that operate on Storenvy. Of course, the prices are marked up but nothing much more than you would pay with a shopping service anyways.

Two pretty popular resellers on Storenvy are Himi Shop and Syndrome.

3. Common Retailers

Fast-fashion retailers such as Forever21 and H&M are great places to get trendy items for low prices. It is difficult to find a lotafter their spring/summer collections, but if you stock up now you may find some great deals on Larme-kei ready pieces!

I recently purchased some really inexpensive tops that work perfectly with Larme-kei from H&M, the pink one with tiny white hearts was only $10 and the frilly white one was only $5!

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4. Thrifting

As with any fashion style, thrifting is pretty much the cheapest way to find clothing. I cannot imagine Larme-kei will be easy to find in Goodwill, but if you persevere and hunker down in those second-hand isles, you may end up with some great pastel sweaters, high-waisted skirts or shorts, and loose-fitting chiffon blouses!


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