08 August 2015

My Favorite Motifs and Themes

If you were to step into my bedroom and turn to look at the wardrobe that ensconces the entire wall behind my door, you'd start to recognize patterns. My Lolita wardrobe is pretty generous - although I never feel completely satisfied.I'm actually running out of room for my blouses and shoes! But I digress - about half my main pieces fall into two motif categories. One dress even falls into both!

When I started out in this fashion, I never anticipated or planned to theme my wardrobe around certain motifs. I certainly didn't stick to one color. My wardrobe has some sweet, classic, gothic, and a good range of colors: pinks of different shades, mint, navy, white and cream, black, red, and brown. I purposefully avoid yellow, blue, orange, and purple. I don't purposefully theme my pieces, but when you look at the prints as a whole, you'll see it. 

My wardrobe currently revolves around teddy bears and roses. 

The most populated motif is teddy bears. I've never received one from a lover, I don't have any at the moment, and I'm not particularly fond of bears in the real world. However, I seem drawn to prints and items with those soft, cute bears printed upon them. 

Now, these are just my main brand pieces! I have many more items such as jewelry, headpieces, tights, purses, and outerwear that fit into these two categories.

Now, Baby the Stars Shine Bright's "My Favorite Things" dress up there in red could also be placed down below in the roses category. It features both! And, although it doesn't look right on my bust, I keep it because it is sentimental. Just like Honey Cake, I rarely wear it but they were some of my first brand pieces that I can't bear to part with!

I hope you enjoyed seeing just how many pieces I have that follow a specific trend! I have many wishlist items. Lo and behold - a lot of them have either roses or teddy bears somewhere!

What are your favorite motifs in Lolita? Or how about the most common themes in your own wardrobe? Do you like any that you don't own? 

I also have made a video a long time ago about this very subject, please check it out below and follow me on my Youtube channel.


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