05 October 2015

Rufflecon 2015

Where do I start? I had such a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend, there isn't enough time to mention everything that happened! Here will be just the highlights. I didn't regret traveling cross country for Rufflecon, and I would definitely do it again. If you ever have the chance, take it and make your own memories.

I think what made this con worth it was having snagged a VIP pass way back in the spring. Those coveted tickets were expensive but were definitely worth the cost. They sold out within fifteen minutes, and there were probably about 30 for sale. For $100 VIPs received a goodie bag with a bunch of tiny accessories, pins, and vouchers for freebies from vendor; free breakfast buffet the entire weekend; early Marketplace, Consignment, and Fashion Show access; VIP only meet-and-greets; and an included ticket to the tea party.

I arrived late Thursday night, so I ended up missing Day 0. I had to forgo my free breakfast Friday morning in order to pick up my badge, model pass, and VIP goodie bag. I raced from registration downstairs to the Marketplace to get an early place in line. I got down there about 9:00 am (for VIPs, the Marketplace opened at 10:00 am) and was eighth in line. Luckily a few girls in front of me weren't in line for the Triple Fortune bonnets so I was able to purchase one in my favorite colorway! 

The rest of the afternoon was spent attending the Kimura U meet-and-greet (which unfortunately ended up being a Q&A panel about her anime and fashion tastes) and the VIP-only Triple Fortune kabe-don corner. Kimura divulged to us that she was planning on eventually creating and anime with her original characters, and will be appearing in a new video game as a voice actor. How exciting for her! The kabe-don with Kaie and Babi was expectedly awkward but thrilling. I still remember Babi breathing down my neck and lightly slapping me: "No smile."

Later that night, I attended the Masquerade Ball - which I'll admit was not as good as it could be. They held it in the lobby's atrium, playing mostly waltzes, and offering no refreshments except water. Although the music was beautiful, few people danced because not many know how to waltz or tango. I think another factor leading to the ball's flop was that since it was held in an open area, the staff were only allowed to play a setlist of pre-approved, lyric-less music.

After a solid two hours, my new friends and I moseyed up to the hotel's bar for drinks and hanging out. I got to know a bit more about the NYC lolita community, and how different the East Coast is from the West Coast.

I had been selected to model on Saturday for the big three designers of the fashion show: Triple Fortune, Haenuli, and KokoKim. What an honor it was, and an unforgettable experience I'll treasure forever. As fun as it was, I don't think I'll be modeling three times in one show again. The frantic changing and makeup re-application was too stressful for me. I was there from 9:00 am until the show ended at 7:30 pm. I missed a lot of the panels I had looked forward to attending and couldn't really eat for most of the day.

Triple Fortune's lineup was loosely Alice in Wonderland themed, with a queen and Mad Hatter, floral and garden prints, a cherry cheshire cat, and two Alices. I was thankful to be the light Alice, as I got to wear one of their gorgeous bonnets for the show. 

Kimura dressed me in a silky-soft dress with seashells and wrote "Mermaid" on my face with a pink marker. I'd never seen myself with pastel, rainbow hair before, and getting to skip around in such adorable clothes was worth the painful clip-on earrings! 

Visit my Instagram for more photos of the individual looks I wore for each of the sets.

Sunday was more last-minute shopping and the Rufflecon tea party. I don't think I have ever has so much fun at a tea party before, and I owe it all to the wonderful people I sat with. The food was alright, as most hotel fare is, but the problem I had was that they served tea as hot water and tea bags. Not a big issue, but it bugged me a bit.

Our table was pretty lucky in the raffle: Kira won a box set of Numi teas and teapot, Sabrina won a full weekend pass for next year, and I won a JSK & headbow set from the indie brand Baby Ponytail. Unfortunately it isn't my style at all, so I may end up selling it.

Rufflecon did have its issues - namely scheduling and lack of food options in and around the hotel - but overall I enjoyed it immensely. I made new friends, met online friends for the first time, modeled for three amazing brands, took home a decent haul, and partied away. It was worth the expense and travel anxiety. I did not feel alone, left out, sad, or regret for one minute this past weekend. It was the experience of a life time, and I hope that I'll be able to attend another in the future. Maybe you'll see me next year...?

If you've made it all the way to the bottom of this post, you deserve kudos - But theres more! I'll be posting two videos about my Rufflecon experience: one personal vlog of the weekend and one haul of my goodies. If you aren't subscribed to my Youtube (which you should be!), I'll be putting both videos down below as they are uploaded.


  1. The event looks so elegant and fun! ^^ The only Lolita event here in Finland is Helsinki Lolita Convention and it's a one-day event, but I've been there all three years and really loved the experience. And I know what you mean about modeling being taxing, I did it once and though it was fun, I don't think I'll do it again ^^'

    I'm glad you had fun and your coords look amazing!

  2. Sorry for the late reply! Thanks so much <3
    I'm sorry you don't want to model again, what made it not worth it to do again? ):