24 February 2016

2016 Lolita Wardrobe

Finally, almost two months late, my wardrobe post is complete! If you follow me on my Youtube channel, you may have heard me explain why it has taken me so long to finish this. I was about eighty percent done at the end of January and just finished now. For the whole story, go watch yourself~

Before we get started, I want to mention that not everything I own related to Lolita is here. Some things arrived after that section had already been photographed, some I simply forgot about/misplaced, and some I didn't feel like taking tedious photos of any more. Some of those things include: my boyfriend's kodona items, my kodona items, a vest/overskirt, some JSKs I ordered in Janurary, wristcuffs and gloves, stoles, wigs, parasols, and petticoats. 

Please forgive any color variation between photos, I did take them over several weeks with different kinds of lighting. Unfortunately I am a full-time student and work part-time; I am only human and can't get studio quality photographs in my home. Thanks~

For your convenience, here are some jump-cuts for you to each section, in case you don't want to look at it all in one sitting ... or at all!



In order of color
Kidsyoyo, Vintage, Vintage, Betsey Johnson
Btssb, Btssb, Angelic Pretty
AatP, Angelic Pretty, Btssb


In order of color
Chess Story, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Angelic Pretty
Innocent World x3, Chess Story
Angelic Pretty x2, AatP, BTSSB
BTSSB, Innocent World, BTSSB x2
BTSSB, Chess Story

Cutsews and Cardigans

In order of color
Top Row: BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, Dear Celine, BTSSB x2
Bottom Row: BTSSB x2, Angelic Pretty x2, DreamV


In order of color
 "Frill Ballerina" Innocent World, Sweet Mildred, "London Bear" Innocent World
 "Grazia Crown" Innocent World, Handmade IW replica, "Kitten's Tea Party" AatP
 "Bertille Rose" Innocent World, "Theresia Rose" Innocent World, "Anniversary Bear" Innocent World 
 "Empress Elizabeth; Bride of Death" AatP, "Bridesmaid Collection" Lief, Btssb
 "Museum Bear" Innocent World, "Innocent Rose" Btssb, "Heart Party" Btssb
 "My Favorite Things" Btssb, "Sweet Magic of Scent" Btssb, "Doll Heroine" Btssb
 "Sweets Hexenhaus" Btssb, "Memories of My First Soireé" Btssb, "Belle Epoque Rose" Angelic Pretty
 "Melty Ribbon Chocolate" Angelic Pretty, "Sweet Cream House" Angelic Pretty, "Cream Cookie Collection" Angelic Pretty
"Salon de thé Rose" Angelic Pretty, "Romantic Rose Letter" Angelic Pretty


In order of color
 "Hot Air Balloons" DaisyDaisy, "Trianon Piece" AatP, "Rose Dot" Innocent World
 "Cinderella Jewelry" Btssb, "My Anniversary" Btssb, "Renoir"Innocent World
 "Teddy Bear Stamp" Innocent World, "Eternal Rose" Angelic Pretty, "Honey Cake" Angelic Pretty
 Mille Fleurs, "Night Bear" Innocent World, "Whip Jacquard" Angelic Pretty
"Peony Series" Lief, "Juno's Bouquet" Btssb


In order of color
 Aatp, Btssb,  Enchantlic Enchantilly, Btssb
Btssb, Handmade, Metamorphose


In order of type, then color
 Top Row: Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, AatP x2, Angelicp Pretty x3, Innocent world x2, Angelic Pretty
2nd Row: Angelic Pretty, Innocent World x2, BTSSB, Chantilly, AatP, Offbrand x2, AatP x2
3rd Row: Innocent World, Angelic Pretty x2, BTSSB x2, Angelic Pretty x5
Bottom Row: Angelic Pretty x4, BTSSB, Offbrand & Angelic Pretty (mixed ankle socks)
Haenuli, AatP, Offbrand, Haenuli, Innocent World, My Dear Charming, Offbrand


In order of type, then color

Top row: Handmade gift, offbrand, offbrand, x, x x2
Second row: x x2, offbrand x3
Third row: Angelic Pretty, Chantilly, Lolita Collective, x, Lolita Collective x2, x, x, x
Bottom row: Liz Lisa, Chess Story, x, Swimmer, x, x, x, x

Offbrand, x, offbrand x2, x, vintage, Lily of the Valley

Offbrand, x, offbrand, x, vintage, x, x
Offbrand x2, Lily of the Valley, x, x, x, x
Handmade, CuteMoonBunny, x, Btssb, offbrand, Btssb, x
DaisyDaisy, handmade, DaisyDaisy, Moss Märchen, CuteMoonBunny, handmade x2
Angelic Pretty, offbrand, Swimmer, Angelic Pretty, x, x, Chess Story


In order of color
Seasons x2, Bait, Seasons x2, BTSSB, Offbrand
Angelic Pretty, BTSSB x2, DreamV, Secret Shop, DreamV
Offbrand x3, Secret Shop, DreamV, Bait, Seasons, Secret Shop


In order of type, then color

  Variety of brands including: Angelic Pretty, Btssb, Alice and the Pirates,
Sweet Mildred, Ciciworks/Sweet Dreamer, Innocent World, Inori, and handmade.
Please comment if there is a specific one you can't determine the brand of and would like me to tell you.
 Left Column: Ciciworks/Sweet Dreamer and Foxcherry999
Right Column: Foxcherry999, Btssb, Offbrand, and Merveilles
Top hats: Offbrand x2, Ciciworks/Sweet Dreamer, and Tour New Soul
Berets: Offbrand x2, AatP, Angelic Pretty x2, Offbrand x3, Btssb
Triple Fortune, Angelic Pretty x3


In order of type, then color

 Milk, Angelic Pretty, Btssb
 Vintage, Swimmer, Vintage, Innocent World, DreamV
 Angelic Pretty, Offbrand, Offbrand
 Variety of brands including: Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates,
Btssb, Cafe V, Ciciworks/Sweet Dreamer, Moss Märchen, Strawberry Skies.
Please comment if there is a specific one you can't determine the brand of and would like me to tell you.


Now that you've seen everything in detail, please watch the accompanying video I made:


  1. Wow. What an impressive collection! I especially love your bonnets!