26 March 2016

Spring Cleaning Swap Meet

Today, I attended a swap meet with my local community. The ever-lovely Shannie hosted the event, and her apartment complex's club house was the perfect venue! Never have I ever attended a swap meet so nice as this one. The high ceilings meant that we could actually feel the air conditioning, a problem that haunts most swap meets. The bright colors and tall windows made the space feel fresh, because there's nothing that hinders shopping than feeling cramped...

It did get a bit crowded after the initial hour or so, but there was plenty of seating and good company. We had maybe three or four dozen people mingling and shopping.

The amount and quality of the goods everyone brought was pretty up there! During the full swing of things, I think we had nine clothing racks and almost every surface covered in folded dresses and accessories.

What I find difficult about swap meets is an awkward feeling in the air of "Oh, I want to buy that! If only someone would buy my thing first!"

Today didn't feel like that at all. There was plenty of buying, selling, and trading. I think I can safely say that everyone had a great time reconnecting with friends and acquaintances, not to mention cleaning a bit out of their closets!

What I think most people go to swap meets for is good deals. Often, sellers will drop prices for a "local pickup discount" sort of deal. You can also find goodies that aren't for sale in online marketplaces.

Unfortunately, I'm often always the opposite - I come to swap meets to find really good pieces. I'm at the point where I don't need basics, I know what I want for my wardrobe. So I don't find a lot to buy. And as swap meets usually go, I don't usually sell much of what I brought!

I did manage to sell my Grazia Crown jumperskirt and headbow in navy to my dear friend Tessa. It was really hard to let go, but I wanted the money to freshen up my wardrobe - and I know it'll be worn much more often with her!

I also took home a new Axes Femme blouse. It's beige with butterfly texture in between light brown pin stripes. It got it for 35$, and I'm excited because I've always wanted to add a striped blouse to my collection.

Despite only making one sale, I think today was fun and successful. I think swap meets are always good if you achieve what you go in for. In my case, that meant finding something new and selling something of my own~

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  1. This looks very professional. I can't wait for my comm to organise a swap meet, I'd love to go to one, see what I could nab there. Glad you found something you liked. :D