05 August 2016

What Keeps You In Lolita

The Lolita Blog Carnival is a group of lolita bloggers who get together each week to discuss a singular topic. This week's topic is what keeps you in lolita fashion. I decided to participate in this topic because it is something that has been on my mind for a while.

I have been so busy and over-booked this year that lolita seems to be on the back-burner. Not that I haven't been buying anything... But I haven't really been filming videos for my Youtube channel, maybe one a month. I haven't hosted any meetups since last July when I hosted a Halloween in July dinner meet. 

And then I went to Germany. I had made it my mission to wear lolita (despite only bringing offbrand as to minimize any potential loses) whenever I went to a palace. I had planned for months to visit my dear friend Poppy Noir, and once I was in Berlin I found a few local girls who took me out a couple of times. You can read all about it here and here.

Photo credit Nora de Anda

It was these visits with internet friends and new friends that re-kindled my love for lolita fashion. For me, it isn't just clothes. I'm not a lifestyler; I don't wear lolita to work, school, or lounging around the house. I wear it on special occasions and when I specifically go out somewhere with friends who will also be in lolita. 

For me, lolita is about the culture. The friends you can make who you would never have met. This fashion acts as an ice-breaker, a common interest to tie together complete strangers. I will cherish forever the relationships I've made because of lolita.

This is what keeps me involved in lolita. Going to picnics, tea parties, afternoon coffee breaks, and spending the holidays with good company. Although I may not spend as much time as I would like with them, I really love my local community and the friends I've met all over the world.

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  1. The people you meet through Lolita are definitely the best. Any hobby is a great ice breaker, but because Lolita is something you can get involved rather easily (versus, for example, something like dancing where certain people simply won't do it for whatever reason), you feel it even more strongly.


  2. We started off in the downstairs pub area of venues in NYC and then moved to the upper level, many tables were already reserved there but we commandeered some sitting space in front of a fireplace that was just the right size for our group of happy campers.