29 October 2016

Halloween Tag

Halloween is almost here and that means... time for something spoopy! I really like these quiz/surveys/tags, so I thought I'd go ahead and do Biterdreams' Halloween Tag.

1. Favourite Halloween Movie
Hands down, favorite Halloween movie has to be Hocus Pocus. I remember the first time I watched it; me and my mom had rented it for a Halloween party I was throwing when I was about 9 or 10.

2. Halloween costume for this year
I'm not planning on dressing up in a Halloween costume exactly. For watching spoopy movies on the actual day (Halloween on a Monday stinks!), I'll probably just wear a giraffe kigu. For our annual Halloween party and my comm's Halloween tea party the week before, I'm going with a generic goth/victorian/bones/black/etc. outfit. Nothing themed...

3. Favourite terror movie
Cabin in the Woods. Because it's 100% not a real horror movie!

4. Best meal/snack for Halloween/ autumn
Bread pudding. Or rice pudding! Ooh, or leftover rice warmed with milk and brown sugar? 

5. Your first terror movie
My first horror movie was the original Japanese Premonition. I saw it in a hotel room my mom and I were staying in between moving houses. I think I was 11. Maybe because there aren't any jump scares, but something about that movies just creeped me out but didn't scar me for life. I think I've seen it twice since then and would watch it again.

6. Which kind of monster you would like to be?
I'd probably be a vampire. Ya know, move to New Orleans and wear fancy doll dresses. I can do the late-night thing, but I can't be a ghost or I'd be too frustrated with not being able to pick things up...

7. Favourite Halloween Character
I don't really have a favorite Halloween Character, but I love Salem in Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

8. One of your paranormal experiences
Haven't had one.

9.Do you believe in witchcraft?
I believe in witchcraft in the terms of wicca/paganism. I don't believe witches can fly or conjure things from thin air, but I do believe in special properties of herbs and respect traditions of witches. I actually used to practice witchcraft in middle school. 

10. Best costume that you have ever worn
There are three contenders for this one! First, my Halloween costume last year won me a 100$ giftcard from my work's costume contest - I wore BTSSB's Alice Portrait in an Alice in Wonderland outfit. Second, my favorite costume as a child was Cinderella because my mom sewed me her gown. I got to wear a hoopskirt for the first time, and I felt so elegant! Third, my most witty costume was in 7th grade. I wore a thrift-store prom dress, a tiara, and smudged scene makeup with a echarp that read "Miss Understood" Get it? Misunderstood/Miss Understood?

11.Favourite dessert
Candy corn.

12.How do you act when you see a terror movie?
I am a weenie butt. I can count the horror movies I've seen and recall how terrified of each scene I was in great detail. Somehow, my brain doesn't accept that nothing in them is real and it freaks me out long after I watch the movie. I'm still terrified of uncovered windows at night (Thanks One Missed Call) and cracks in doorways (Thanks The Happening)...

13. The best pumpkin carving you have done
I honestly have no idea. I don't have any photos of any pumpkin carvings I've done, and I don't thin I've done anything other than generic faces.

14. Do you believe in ghost or spirits?

15. Tips for Halloween decorations
Please. No. Strobe. Lights. Also... no pop-ups please.

16.What do you use for trick or treat in Halloween?
I don't understand this question, but I think I have an idea: when I was a kid I used a cheap plastic jack-o-lantern to collect my candy. I think one year in high school I used a pillowcase.

17.Your traditions for Halloween
I don't really have any traditions anymore other than watching some kind of Halloween movie (usually Hocus Pocus).

18. What is better, pranks or treats on Halloween?
Definitely treats! I really don't like pranks, tricks, or even teasing. I'd probably punch anyone who tried to prank me on Halloween...

19. Worst fear
Light-weight worst fear is spiders. I've grown to accept daddy longlegs as long as they stay in their corner because I hate the big fat brown ones even more. I swear they keep getting bigger and grosser every year! Serious worst fear is not being believed. I hate plots of movies and books where the protagonist is thrown into an awful situation and is stuck with no one believing them because they were framed/their identity erased/etc. (See: The Space Merchants) I get really defensive when people don't believe me, and I am afraid of a world in which I've lost everyone I love because of something that just isn't true. This is also why rumors and secrets spread about me on the internet really hurt me - because there's no way to convince the people hearing about it that it isn't true/I'm not a terrible person.

20. Best TV show with a Halloween episode
I don't watch a lot of TV shows that have Halloween episodes, but I have to say that Bones does a good job. I really love seeing Brennan in her Wonder Woman costume, screeching into Booth's arms - priceless!

21. What do you think about October weather?
I hate it... I wish I had the typical sweater-weather kind of October, but quite often California has Indian summers that drag the heat far into October. I liked it a lot better when I was a kid, it was cooler then. Damn global warming. I do remember it raining a few Halloweens; that was the bomb!

22.Your first Halloween costume?
My first costume was Tigger. My baby nursery was themed Winnie the Pooh, so it makes sense my mom would dress me up as a character. 

23.Worst Halloween desserts
Caramel apples. As much as I like both caramel and apples, there is just something so disappointing about the execution. Every time I tried to enjoy one it always ended badly because the caramel was so hard and chewy. Even after I had my braces off, I felt like it would pull my teeth out! 

24. Trick or treat or a Halloween party?
When I was a kid, these went hand-in-hand. I'd meet up at a friend's house and a small group of us would go trick-or-treating. When we'd get back we'd sit in a circle and sort candies (trading for our favorites after our parents took any that looked like they were tampered with) and just eat and hang out. Now, I much prefer Halloween parties. The last time I went out to get candy we were freshmen in college and it wasn't as much fun...

25. Favourite song for Halloween
I don't really have a favorite Halloween song. All the ones I can think of are cheesy 2000s songs.

26. Did you ever use a ouija table? Experiences?
I have never used a ouija table. I never believed in them nor had access to one.

27. Last year's Halloween costume
I didn't really dress up last year because I was super busy with midterms and I was too lazy to think of anything creative. However, I did attend a Cafe V event in October that was Alice in Wonderland themed:

28. What are you going to do this Halloween?
I don't know, but I'll probably spend the night with my squad watching movies and eating crap food like we usually do.

29. Are you going to any Halloween event?
I am going to a Halloween tea party in SF with my comm. I am also going to a meet at a pirate themed bar sometime this month, does that count? Lastly, for my 21st birthday present, my grandparents bought us all tickets (them, my mom, me and my boyfriend) to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone played on the big screen with a live orchestra playing the sound track. 

30. Favourite Halloween animal?
Black cats are my favorite, but I may be biased because I have a black cat. I named her Lusinda, and when I was a kid I always wanted a picture in my Halloween costume with her. 

31.Why do you like Halloween?
I like Halloween because its a time to be whatever you want to be without fear of judgement. You can be spoopy, scary, sexy, silly, or magical. I love seeing the creativity of people's costumes (especially the ones based on puns or memes!) and just being able to be creative myself with people I enjoy spending time with.

I hope you got some enjoyment out of this tag and learned something interesting about me. I hope you do this tag too. If you do, link me in the comments!


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