03 February 2017

Frillies I Find Inspirational

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic was to talk about frillies we find inspirational. Most of my inspiration comes from my friends and those whose outfits I can drool over on Instagram. In order not to go rambling on forever about all my fashion and life inspirations, I picked three friends that inspire me both in Lolita and in life.

Shannie Bee - aka Lace a la Mode

Shannie has been a major inspiration to me for years. Her coordinates are always absolutely amazing and have honestly shaped my style so much recently. She has the amazing ability to come up with gorgeous outfits at the last minute because of her cohesively build wardrobe. She is such a kind soul, keeping me in mind when she sells something I've had my eye on and accepting payment plans when I hadn't expected or budgeted for the surprise sale. She is also kind for helping me develop my own blog. Even though she hasn't posted in a while, I still love browsing her old posts - they are so well written and beautiful to look at.

Jenna Walnum - aka Walnutt Cookie

Jenna is such a dear friend to me, I had to include her in this post. We think about life similarly, and she gets me at a much deeper level than any of my friends. We can go months without seeing eachother and still click instantly when we do meet again. She has inspired me to continue modeling for jfashion (we met at a PMX fashion show actually) and really improve my coordinate shots. Her style is so beautiful and classic, and her coords have definitely inspired my current wardrobe choices. Not only does she inspire me in Lolita, but she also inspired me personally in regards to relationships, mental health, and lifestyle.

Ha-Anh - aka Junie Green

Ha-Anh is another Lolita whose coordinates really inspire my own. She is so creative and uses many different layers of motifs, colors, textures, and accessories. I've wanted to try and recreate so many of her outfits with my own pieces, but I just cannot keep up with her vast collection that creates countless combinations. I have managed to recreate and create new hairstyles inspired by her. I'm always excited to see her weekly "Lolita Tuesdays" on Instagram. 

Who inspires you? Let me know in the comments, I would absolutely love to check them out and see for myself!

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Thank you for reading my blog, it really means a lot. 

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