04 March 2017

Creative Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

I know it's tough not having enough space to display your precious items the way you want. Fortunately, there are ways to creatively use small spaces to store lots of items. I've curated ideas from around the internet and paired them with photos of my own storage and those of a couple of friends.

I hope you can find new ways to store your lolita items that work for your room.

Find unconventional storage opportunities.

Not everything needs to be in a dresser or wardrobe. I happen to have a desk that has two deep cabinets. I store more practical things I don't need often in the back and use the front space to store my socks and berets. While it is a bit more effort to remove the trays every time I need something, it really is a space-saving way to store my socks.

Utilize the back of your door.

Especially if your door opens to a corner, hanging things on the back is a great way to use the vertical space. I bought an inexpensive hook rack and hang my lolita purses on the back. Not as easy as pulling them off of a shelf, but the extra effort to remove and replace the layers of bags is worth using the space. Other lolitas use the back of their doors to hang pockets that store a variety of small objects.

Fold pieces instead of hanging them.

It seems that hanging up dresses and blouses is the most obvious and commonly practiced method of storing lolita. If you only have limited space, this may be frustrating and chaotic. Blouses and cutsews are the easiest to fold and stack in drawers, on a shelf, or in a box. Some of my more creative friends fold their dresses and skirts and store them under the bed. How they have time to iron out wrinkles all the time, I will never know...

Speaking of under the bed...

Storing items in that seemingly always-empty space under a bed is a fantastic option. Unfortunately my bed is an inch too low to store anything under there but lost socks and dust bunnies, but if you can you should invest in buying some short storage bins. You can even store your shoes under the bed, either in the bins or just in rows for easy grabbing.

Wall space is storage space too!

If you live somewhere you aren't allowed to use nails or sticky hooks, this might not work for you. But if you can, use that vertical space! Since I hang my bags on the back of my door, I don't need to hang them on wall hooks, but you can do this easily. I hang my long necklaces on nails, I used to hang hats on nails as well, and I've always stored my parasols on the edges of shelves or wardrobes. Both pretty and practical.

Other ideas include hanging up some long ribbons (or tie them to a hanger if you have extra closet space) and attaching your clips, brooches, and bows. If you have a wall that doesn't get a lot of harsh sun light, you can hang up dresses or whole outfits on your walls for coordinate planning, display, or just to ease your bulging closet!

Boxes, bins, and baskets - Oh my!

Boxes, bins, bags, baskets, and other containers are great opportunities for storing things. You can stack them and shove them into spaces that would otherwise not be useful for efficiently storing. Stuff petticoats into a container and close the lid - trust me they will survive for a while. Stack hats and berets into the same hat box. Stuff accessories into stackable boxes (It's not as pretty as displaying them but a better use of space). You can put anything and everything into storage containers if you need small-space solutions.

I sincerely hope these storage ideas and examples inspire you.

Let me know in the comments how you store your lolita. Do you use any of these ideas already?

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  1. I stack my hats on each other. I don't have any hat boxes, but it is better than nothing.
    I use old shoe boxes for socks, boxes take less place than a drawer. I use trays and tealights holders for jewelry, a mug for headbands. And I fold my clothing(bonus shiring does not getting streched out but storing it flat).

  2. Thanks for sharing :) I think using a mug for headbands is actually pretty genius, mine are just tossed into one dump space!