30 September 2016

Fall Meetup Ideas

Depending on where you live, autumn is either right around the corner, a distant dream barely seen through the haze of Indian summer, or something you just experienced a few months ago. If you fall into the latter category (fall? get it? I love bad puns) you probably aren't going to find much use for this until the spring.

This week's LBC topic was to come up with a list of fall meetup ideas. I made a list of winter meetup ideas last year, so I was excited to brainstorm for another season!

I hope you like this list and maybe even get inspired to host a few of these!

  1. Corn mazes. I don't know if other countries do these, but it can be quite fun. Some are even supposed to be scary. Split up into teams and see you can get out first!
  2. Autumn picnic. Picnics don't have to be reserved for spring and summer - you can still enjoy the crisp weather with lap blankets, thermoses of tea and cocoa, and all your plaid! Sit back and enjoy time with your friends while looking at the colored leaves (Unless you live in California, then just enjoy more green and brown).
  3. Quilting session. Quilting is usually done indoors, so it can be done during any season, but something about sweater weather calls for blankets. The bigger the group, the more/faster you can make!
  4. Harry Potter themed meet. My comm loves Harry Potter so much, we had three separate HP meets last fall! You couldn't pick a better season to drink butterbeer, show your house pride, take photos under a dreary sky, and play trivia with all kinds of magical food.
  5. Brewery tour. Speaking of beer, Oktoberfest is every September. See if a local brewery will give your group a tour and tasting. Just because wine tours are more for summer doesn't mean you can't get your booze on.
  6. Dinner party. While the weather still allows, host an evening dinner party. Hang up some fairy lights and light some candles. Whether you want to tackle the whole meal or decide on a potluck, an intimate, hearty meal with your comm can be really fun. 
  7. Attend a seance. Halloween is in the air, and that means all the spirits of the dead are hustling about for the host of ghost-related holidays in autumn. Get your goth on and attend a seance as a group for a spooky, unique evening.
  8. Sweater weather themed meet. It's time to pull out all your cardigans and sweaters! Go see a movie, have dinner, or just hang out as a group somewhere local, but do it in coords that involve knit-wear.
  9. Themed bars. Because of Halloween, strangers are much less curious about what lolita is when they see it - they just assume its a costume and leave you alone. This can work to your advantage if you want to all go to a themed bar or club. My comm rented out a pirate-themed bar in San Francisco (with a secret grotto fountain and a rum-based menu!) for an autumn meetup. Speakeasy, cabaret, circus themed bars, there are so many possibilities. Just see whats close to your city.
  10. Attend a show. Ballet companies are beginning their winter season soon, so buy tickets as a group and go in your fancy dresses. I personally love Phantom of the Opera, but my city is also playing The Sorcerer's Stone on the big screen with the symphony playing the soundtrack! There are countless ballets and plays and operas offered this time of year.
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