12 November 2016

6 Tricks For a Killer Model Application

If you've wanted to do any kind of modeling, you've probably worried that your application won't get accepted. Well, years of modeling for lolita and jfashion brands have taught me a few tips and tricks I'd like to share with you.

Following these tips won't guarantee that you'll be accepted for the shoot/show you applied for, but it will definitely improve the impression you leave on the reviewers.

  • Provide your measurements in both inches and centimeters. This will help expedite the selection process, especially if you are applying for a fashion show with both Western and Asian designers. It will also show that you're considerate of the designers and really want to work for them.
  • Select clear, well lit photographs that show the best side of you. Try to avoid selfies if you can, and professionally shot photos are the best. It's not vain to submit photos that really flatter your body type and face shape - just be sure to include photos with different poses and angles to give a more well-rounded view. I suggest a mix of full body shots of poses you'd use at the event, smiling and neutral facial expressions, and shots that show your body looks like without wigs or tons of baggy layers.
  • If they ask for little or no makeup, always go for a little makeup. If you're like me, a little eyeliner and mascara works wonders! I think my eyes look really small without eyeliner, so I want to show the reviewers a face that looks more like how it will while modeling.
  • Submit photos in clothing that appeals to your preferred brand. What I noticed about the first jfashion show I modeled for was that the girls who submitted photos of themselves in lolita got chosen for the lolita brand, and those who didn't were selected for other jfashion brands. Selecting photos of yourself in clothing similar to your favorite brand (in that brand is best!) will help them better visualize how you'll look in their clothes. If you don't care who you model for, try to include a variety of different styles that both show your body shape and your fashion style.
  • List previous modeling experience but be modest about it. If there is a section that allows a free-response, definitely list previous experience. List it out with the brand/designer and event name. If you modeled for a professional photoshoot, include that too. If you haven't had any experience, just say something like "I don't have any previous modeling experience yet, but I hope to use this opportunity to change that."
  • Submit your application early. There is a reason behind the cliché "the early bird catches the worm." Early submission demonstrates your enthusiasm and suggests that you'll arrive early as well. If the event you're applying for has multiple application stages, entering yours before the first deadline ensures it will be seen by as many designers as possible. This means you get first dibs for open slots with the brand you want.

Here is an example of a good application photo:

Even though it isn't professionally taken, you can see how it is a good choice. It is clear, bright, and shows how I can pose.

Here is an example of a bad application photo:

Even though it fits the standard requirements of a head shot, it should never be seen by a recruiter! It is dark, clearly a selfie, doesn't show my face very well, and is not recent (rare sight of me in my beginning years!).

I hope these few little tricks will help you with your modeling dreams - best of luck!

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