11 November 2016

Your Autumn/Winter Aesthetic

I'm really excited for this week's LBC topic because I don't get to experience autumn here in California quite the same way many others do... Here autumn means overcast skies, pumpkin spice lattes, an up-kick in wind activity, and alternating days of cold and hot weather.

My Autumn/Winter aesthetic is classic, victorian, tartan, books, and boots. I love berets with braids, short jackets and long socks, dusty pinks and deep burgundies.

I do love wearing sweet all year long - I even made a video two years ago about making sweeter pieces work for winter - but I will admit to favoring my classic pieces around this time of year.

Look one: Classic, Victorian, & Boots

I love this photo from a photoshoot I attended in an historical cemetery. There's just something so spooky and chilly about graveyards in the autumn.

What I love about this coordinate is how utterly Victorian it looks. You can see better pictures of the details on my Instagram, but you can at least see the bustled onepiece from Innocent World, the vintage straw hat with a black velvet band, the boots and black wool stockings seamlessly blending together. As one of my friends mentioned, add some luggage, and it looks like a traveling outfit.

Photo Credit _daev

Look two: Burgundy, short jackets, & boots

What I love about this outfit is how cozy it made me feel for a trip with my best friends to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. The dark red velvet blazer and the knee-high black leather boots made me feel at home under the crisp, gray skies.

Look three: Dusty pinks, short jackets, berets & boots

A lot of people seem to like this outfit - as do I! Despite it being coordinated last minute before a casual meet up with friends, the balance of this outfit is amazing.

You don't get to see the adorable biscuit bear bag I brought with me that day or the baby pink cropped biker jacket, but I think the gingerbread theme is still visible. I wish those pink boots had lasted longer... alas they came apart in the middle of a shopping mall a month later. RIP BTSSB Boots 2015.

Look four: Victorian, dusty pinks, braids & berets

I keep showing you autumn/winter looks that I wore on overcast days. Maybe it has something to do with my favorite type of weather... What kind of weather do you like?

I love love love this coordinate. Dusty pink and gray is a heavenly combination, and I love how the My Dear Charming tights created a nice blend between the two colors.

If you see me in braids and a beret like this, you know it's my signature style!

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  1. I really enjoy your more Victorian looks here, though they are all very lovely outfits!

  2. I think the middle two looks are my favourites. What is that dress in the second photo? I'm loving the print on it!