26 September 2015

OTTea Party: Welcome to the Bay

On Saturday, September 12th 2015, I attended my community's first independent, large-scale event. We have had big tea parties in the past, but they have always been sponsored from either Angelic Pretty or Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. So this was the first time members of our own community spent time and money to put together a magnificent party for us. And it was a huge success!

This was the chance for the San Francisco Bay Area Lolitas to show their pride and creativity to the world. The event coordinators (the ever lovely Ana, Elize, and Katie) hired professional photographer and videographers for the event and even hosted the debut for my friend Shannie's new indie brand My Dear Charming!

The tea party was held in the French Room at the regal Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco. It lasted for about 5 hours in total - which was a tad bit longer than some of us would have liked. Everyone arrived adorned in their most elaborate outfits, often with intricate hand-made elements. I take pride in my community's ability to really innovate and bring OTT to the next level. The amount of creativity here is astounding. Just wait until you see the pictures!

I personally didn't take too many photos, I was too busy engulfing the sights and experience. I did manage to film a slew of clips to string together into a short vlog for you in addition to an official video filmed of the event. You'll find both videos linked at the end of this post.

I will also be adding more photos to this post as I find them!

The food was decent. There was a selection of four teas: a classic Earl Grey, a full fruit decaf, a standard green tea, and a vanilla-rose-bergamont black tea.

We were also served a single cherry scone and a few small tea sandwhiches. For dessert, as seen above, we nibbled on a tiny lemon cheesecake, a shortbread cookie, and a mini fruit tart.

The OTTea Party had three main events: a "guess the number" game, a scavenger hunt, and a coordinate contest.

The winner of the coordinate contest was hands-down the most deserving of the award. I think it was pretty much decided as soon as she sauntered into the building. Brittany has had a past of coming in extremely over the top and original outfits, customizing to no end. This time she came as a glorious valkyrie:

(Photo credit to Tobias)

I am honored to be able to have witnessed the debut of My Dear Charming. The first release consisted of tights in two sizes and three colorways: pale gray, dusty pink, and a darker pink-brown. I purchased for myself the lightest color because it would match a bit more of my wardrobe than the other colors.

(Photo credit to Tobias)

I had such a fabulous time, and I can't wait until the next time I get to dress up with my community!

(Photo credit to: KV Photography)

(Photo credit to: KV Photography)

(Photo credit to: Ozwzrd)

(Photo credit to: KV Photography)

Here are the videos as promised:

18 September 2015