25 February 2017

How to Take Amazing Outfit Shots

If you're a lolita, odds are that you take photos of your outfits. Maybe you keep them in a folder on your phone or computer for later reference and inspiration, but maybe you like to share them online.

There are a few reasons why you should learn how to take really good outfit shots. Not only should you take pride in your coordinates and your personal style, but it is hard to get feedback or genuine compliments if your friends can't see what you're wearing clearly.

Hopefully these simple hints and suggestions will help you take amazing photos of your outfits, whether you only have a mirror or are lucky enough to have a friend or tripod.

What all great shots have in common:
  • Bright, soft lighting
  • Clear, sharp, high-quality resolution
  • Good balance between the subject, the frame, and the background

What to avoid:
  • Dark, sharp, or over-exposed lighting
  • Blurry or grainy resolution
  • Short-leg syndrome
  • Messy/cluttered backgrounds
  • No posing, boring arms by your sides

Examples of bad outfit shots:

Left: The photo is way too blurry, you can't see any details. Bad lighting. Includes others that might not consent to being posted on the internet.
Right: Messy background, distracting. Bad lighting. No posing. Too far away, cannot see outfit.

Examples of good outfit shots:

Left: Even lighting, simple pose but shows off main accessory. 
Right: Clean background, edited photo to fix bad lighting.

If you have a friend to help you or a stable tripod for your camera, taking great shots is easy! Keep lighting and backgrounds in mind, and shoot away. Keeping the camera at waist or chest level will prevent short-leg syndrome, where your legs look super tiny because of the perspective from a high shot. Zoom out to the point where your whole body is in the frame but not so much that the background overwhelms the shot and you can barely see outfit details.

If you only have a mirror to help you take a photo, don't worry! There are two common ways for taking these photos. Some people hold their phone in front of their face. This offers a bit of anonymity if you don't want to show your face and gives an easy pose because your arm is up. However, this might block some details of your outfit. Another idea is to hold the phone away from your face and body. It will take more time and effort to get the frame set up because of the awkward angle, but you will see every glorious part of your outfit. If you can, move the mirror so that light shines on you instead of from behind you. If this isn't possible because the mirror is anchored to the wall, see if you can get your camera to focus on your body and adjust the lighting so you aren't super dark.

I hope these tips are helpful for improving your selfie game!

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24 February 2017

1 Main Piece, 2 Drastically Different Looks

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic was pretty fun for me because I love being creative with my coordinates and trying not to duplicate looks if I can help it.

I chose to work with La Robe du Ch√Ęteau from Juliette et Justine. I bought this dress secondhand to wear to PMX last year and haven't worn it since.

The first look: This first coordinate is from the Juliette et Justine tea party at PMX. I wanted to wear my Triple Fortune bonnet with it, and decided to gussy it up with cat accessories because the designer is obsessed with her cat. This look is frilly, intricate, and over-the-top for me.

The second look: Last weekend I went to see Cirque du Soleil, and this year's theme was "a waking dream of Mexico." I don't have anything that really worked with Mexican culture, but I decided on going for something really colorful and unconventional. It ended up working perfectly with the crazy, colorful performance. I even embroidered a cactus brooch for this outfit the day before!

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18 February 2017

Valentine's Luncheon

On February 11th, my comm had a wonderful luncheon to celebrate Valentine's Day at a small restaurant in Berkeley.

My boyfriend was on drill that weekend, so he couldn't attend any of the holiday festivities and meets, but a good friend of mine and I decided to go together and be each other's dates. We had a blast matching our coordinates and exchanging valentines. I drew her inside a cute card, and she baked me a tiny cake!

The food was really good! The menu was pris fix, but we had the usual option of pasta, fish, or chicken. I initially chose chicken, but when I saw what went with it, the hostess was kind enough to call and ask if they could switch my option. I ended up with gnocchi with a cream sauce, wild mushrooms, and some kind of fancy cheese.

It was pretty funny when my table got our food, we had at least one of every option. The chicken by far had the biggest portion, and it was hilariously sad how tiny the salmon was. My date was still hungry after, so we all gave her some of our food.

The menu had so much fennel! Our soup starter was a creamy fennel soup, which was simple but delicious. The salad was garden greens with fancy cheese and shaved fennel. I had never seen it shaved before, it looks like jicama or cheese.

For dessert we had vanilla ice cream with a big snickerdoodle cookie - which I promptly crumbled and mixed into my ice cream!

One generous couple bought each table a bottle of prosecco for a toast. It was an amazing treat, and made the evening all the more special. To friendship and loved ones!

I definitely prefer meets where we can take our time over a few courses at small tables. Meals are such great ideas for meetups because if conversation lags, you can eat a little and the silence doesn't get awkward. I love being able to see people I haven't seen in a while, but sitting at smaller tables of 4-6 are much more intimate than one or two long tables. You can really get to know new people or bond with friends.

I am thankful for the friends I have made in this comm, I feel so lucky to have a loving and supportive network here. I don't want to live anywhere else!

I hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day, whether it was with significant others, your family, or just your own lovely self.

What did you do this year?

Coordinate rundown:

  • Onepiece is from Infanta
  • Bolero is from Innocent World
  • Tights are Rose Museum from Angelic Pretty
  • Shoes are from Season
  • Headpiece is from Ciciworks/Cutie Creator
  • Accessories are from various Taobao and offbrand sources

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03 February 2017

Frillies I Find Inspirational

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic was to talk about frillies we find inspirational. Most of my inspiration comes from my friends and those whose outfits I can drool over on Instagram. In order not to go rambling on forever about all my fashion and life inspirations, I picked three friends that inspire me both in Lolita and in life.

Shannie Bee - aka Lace a la Mode

Shannie has been a major inspiration to me for years. Her coordinates are always absolutely amazing and have honestly shaped my style so much recently. She has the amazing ability to come up with gorgeous outfits at the last minute because of her cohesively build wardrobe. She is such a kind soul, keeping me in mind when she sells something I've had my eye on and accepting payment plans when I hadn't expected or budgeted for the surprise sale. She is also kind for helping me develop my own blog. Even though she hasn't posted in a while, I still love browsing her old posts - they are so well written and beautiful to look at.

Jenna Walnum - aka Walnutt Cookie

Jenna is such a dear friend to me, I had to include her in this post. We think about life similarly, and she gets me at a much deeper level than any of my friends. We can go months without seeing eachother and still click instantly when we do meet again. She has inspired me to continue modeling for jfashion (we met at a PMX fashion show actually) and really improve my coordinate shots. Her style is so beautiful and classic, and her coords have definitely inspired my current wardrobe choices. Not only does she inspire me in Lolita, but she also inspired me personally in regards to relationships, mental health, and lifestyle.

Ha-Anh - aka Junie Green

Ha-Anh is another Lolita whose coordinates really inspire my own. She is so creative and uses many different layers of motifs, colors, textures, and accessories. I've wanted to try and recreate so many of her outfits with my own pieces, but I just cannot keep up with her vast collection that creates countless combinations. I have managed to recreate and create new hairstyles inspired by her. I'm always excited to see her weekly "Lolita Tuesdays" on Instagram. 

Who inspires you? Let me know in the comments, I would absolutely love to check them out and see for myself!

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