26 November 2016

PMX 2016

One of my favorite conventions to go to is the Pacific Media Expo (PMX) in the fall. The first year I went it was by the Los Angeles airport, but for the past two years it has been in Pasadena. I have no preference to the location, but I have to say the new location splitting the convention into two different buildings was strange. Not bad though, since it was nice to be separated from the anime part of PMX. Made it feel much more intimate and more lolita than anime.

Day One - Juliette et Justine VIP Brunch & Cafe V Panel

I went to PMX this year with my good friend Sara (thankfully she drove the entire time!), and we left Thursday evening so I could make it to the VIP brunch Friday morning.

The venue was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the company was splendid. We did have issues with the ordering process, which I later found out was because the waiter was supposed to give us all a prefix menu. I won't go into detail because I am still a little confused about the whole ordeal. However, when I asked for a non-dairy option the waiter put up such a fuss about how almost everything had something dairy and he'd see if the chef could come up with something. I can't believe they never have vegan guests, and he was rude about it. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if we could know what sandwiches we would get with out meal before hand, but noooo we got whatever they had the ingredients for that day. 

As gorgeous as the venue was, I don't think I'd go there again on my own.

I have to say, Nakamura is quite honestly the sweetest designer I've ever met. She is so genuine in her compliments and her interest us. At her Q&A panel the next day, she gave a lot of typical "You are all my inspiration!" answers, but she really meant them.

She is also the most flexible designer I've met. Although she revealed she had lost most of her print designs from a computer crash, she said she was more than happy to try to re-release some if someone could lend her the original item to redraw the print from. She mentioned to us that she likes hearing requests and those that speak the loudest are the most likely to get their wish. Based on the VIP tea party, a rerelease of the famed "dragon-chan"(?) might be seen soon!

Nakamura is also so delighted with requests for custom one-of-a-kind dresses, like wedding dresses. Of course it would take a long time and lots of money, but she said she would be honored to exchange emails with you to figure out how to make the wedding gown of your dreams.

After the brunch, I went to the early access shopping. I only bought a pair of tights from the JetJ booth because I had told myself I would only buy a dress if they brought Antique Doll. I did buy some accessories from various indie designers, and I bought a print and a commission from Ainiwaffles of myself. Check out what I bought when I post my PMX haul video!

In the evening, Sara and I went to Cafe V's panel. They unfortunately weren't able to have an acutal butler cafe this time, but they treated their panel like one of their events. They threw cheeky quips at each other and fun little games for the crowd. I heard from someone that their panel was the fullest the con had this year. 

And as always, I was the first to jump at the opportunity for kabe-don. They are so good at it, and I love to support all their endeavors. Totally not endorse, but try to attend an event if you're in town!

My outfit for day one consisted of my only JetJ dress (which I shamelessly wore twice because I felt obligated to wear JetJ to see the designer...) and a beautiful hat I bought last year at the Dicken's Fair. I hope to find more this year...

  • JSK - Juliette et Justine, La Robe du Château
  • Blouse, shoes - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Necklace - Offbrand
  • Hat - Offbrand
  • Socks - Innocent World

Day Two - Marvelous Menagerie Tea Party

The second day of PMX was the grand tea party. It was offsite, which was a little inconvenient to walk to... but I sure could use the exercise! The venue was gorgeous, decorated to look like a picturesque English garden. Supposedly we were supposed to have the whole place booked to ourselves, but I didn't really notice the other patrons because our section was secluded.

Every guest received a beautiful custom JetJ tea cup and saucer, rose flavored sugar hearts, a BB and B Confectionery phone charm, and a plastic folder from Haenuli full of treats (a comic book, stickers, and a catalog).

I have to say that I was so happy we had iced tea. It was unbearable hot and dry that weekend for the middle of October. Then again, it's Los Angeles...

Sara and I left right after the tea party so we could go back to our room and rest for our 10:30pm reservation at a fabulously crazy restaurant Barton G. Oh man, those liquid nitrogen cocktails and cheesy lobster poptarts... YUM!

My outfit for day two was the same JetJ dress, but coordinated much fancier than Friday's. Big surprise! I love the Victorian look (Nakamura just loved how I looked like Mary Poppins), but I also wanted to pair my Triple Fortune bonnet with this dress. I wanted to include as many crazy elements into my coord to match the hodgepodge of a print. I added a little gold bird to my hair, a castle rosette, and cat themed things everywhere.

  • JSK - Juliette et Justine, La Robe du Château
  • Blouse - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Tights, cat ring - Enchantlic Enchantilly
  • Bonnet - Triple Fortune
  • Cat portrait ring - Mossbadger
  • Shoes - Bait
  • Peony brooch - Moss Märchen
  • Wig - Lockshop, Starlet in Vanille
  • Everything else - Offbrand

Day Three - Fashion Show

Day three was mostly just the fashion show for me since I was modeling for LIEF. Although I was sad not to have fit the aesthetic for JetJ, I love LIEF's things just as much. The four of us had a blast together - it's much more personal and fun when the modeling group is smaller.

I didn't take many photos since I was busy socializing and prepping for the show, so I had to borrow one from Sienna.

I had such a blast at PMX this year, I hope you'll come if you have the chance!

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18 November 2016

4 Of Your Favorite Autumn Motifs

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival is similar to the last one I did on my own personal autumn/winter style, but this is a little more general than that one. This week, I'd like to talk about four motifs I love seeing - either on myself or on other lolitas - in the fall.

1. Tartan

2. Carnival/Circus

3. Books

4. Fall Florals

All photos taken from Closet of Frills, credit to their respective owners. Please leave a comment if you want me to link to your Facebook (I didn't automatically for privacy!)

What is your four favorites? Any of these - or different ones? Mushrooms... Leaves... Fawns... Rosettes... Chocolate...?

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12 November 2016

6 Tricks For a Killer Model Application

If you've wanted to do any kind of modeling, you've probably worried that your application won't get accepted. Well, years of modeling for lolita and jfashion brands have taught me a few tips and tricks I'd like to share with you.

Following these tips won't guarantee that you'll be accepted for the shoot/show you applied for, but it will definitely improve the impression you leave on the reviewers.

  • Provide your measurements in both inches and centimeters. This will help expedite the selection process, especially if you are applying for a fashion show with both Western and Asian designers. It will also show that you're considerate of the designers and really want to work for them.
  • Select clear, well lit photographs that show the best side of you. Try to avoid selfies if you can, and professionally shot photos are the best. It's not vain to submit photos that really flatter your body type and face shape - just be sure to include photos with different poses and angles to give a more well-rounded view. I suggest a mix of full body shots of poses you'd use at the event, smiling and neutral facial expressions, and shots that show your body looks like without wigs or tons of baggy layers.
  • If they ask for little or no makeup, always go for a little makeup. If you're like me, a little eyeliner and mascara works wonders! I think my eyes look really small without eyeliner, so I want to show the reviewers a face that looks more like how it will while modeling.
  • Submit photos in clothing that appeals to your preferred brand. What I noticed about the first jfashion show I modeled for was that the girls who submitted photos of themselves in lolita got chosen for the lolita brand, and those who didn't were selected for other jfashion brands. Selecting photos of yourself in clothing similar to your favorite brand (in that brand is best!) will help them better visualize how you'll look in their clothes. If you don't care who you model for, try to include a variety of different styles that both show your body shape and your fashion style.
  • List previous modeling experience but be modest about it. If there is a section that allows a free-response, definitely list previous experience. List it out with the brand/designer and event name. If you modeled for a professional photoshoot, include that too. If you haven't had any experience, just say something like "I don't have any previous modeling experience yet, but I hope to use this opportunity to change that."
  • Submit your application early. There is a reason behind the cliché "the early bird catches the worm." Early submission demonstrates your enthusiasm and suggests that you'll arrive early as well. If the event you're applying for has multiple application stages, entering yours before the first deadline ensures it will be seen by as many designers as possible. This means you get first dibs for open slots with the brand you want.

Here is an example of a good application photo:

Even though it isn't professionally taken, you can see how it is a good choice. It is clear, bright, and shows how I can pose.

Here is an example of a bad application photo:

Even though it fits the standard requirements of a head shot, it should never be seen by a recruiter! It is dark, clearly a selfie, doesn't show my face very well, and is not recent (rare sight of me in my beginning years!).

I hope these few little tricks will help you with your modeling dreams - best of luck!

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11 November 2016

Your Autumn/Winter Aesthetic

I'm really excited for this week's LBC topic because I don't get to experience autumn here in California quite the same way many others do... Here autumn means overcast skies, pumpkin spice lattes, an up-kick in wind activity, and alternating days of cold and hot weather.

My Autumn/Winter aesthetic is classic, victorian, tartan, books, and boots. I love berets with braids, short jackets and long socks, dusty pinks and deep burgundies.

I do love wearing sweet all year long - I even made a video two years ago about making sweeter pieces work for winter - but I will admit to favoring my classic pieces around this time of year.

Look one: Classic, Victorian, & Boots

I love this photo from a photoshoot I attended in an historical cemetery. There's just something so spooky and chilly about graveyards in the autumn.

What I love about this coordinate is how utterly Victorian it looks. You can see better pictures of the details on my Instagram, but you can at least see the bustled onepiece from Innocent World, the vintage straw hat with a black velvet band, the boots and black wool stockings seamlessly blending together. As one of my friends mentioned, add some luggage, and it looks like a traveling outfit.

Photo Credit _daev

Look two: Burgundy, short jackets, & boots

What I love about this outfit is how cozy it made me feel for a trip with my best friends to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. The dark red velvet blazer and the knee-high black leather boots made me feel at home under the crisp, gray skies.

Look three: Dusty pinks, short jackets, berets & boots

A lot of people seem to like this outfit - as do I! Despite it being coordinated last minute before a casual meet up with friends, the balance of this outfit is amazing.

You don't get to see the adorable biscuit bear bag I brought with me that day or the baby pink cropped biker jacket, but I think the gingerbread theme is still visible. I wish those pink boots had lasted longer... alas they came apart in the middle of a shopping mall a month later. RIP BTSSB Boots 2015.

Look four: Victorian, dusty pinks, braids & berets

I keep showing you autumn/winter looks that I wore on overcast days. Maybe it has something to do with my favorite type of weather... What kind of weather do you like?

I love love love this coordinate. Dusty pink and gray is a heavenly combination, and I love how the My Dear Charming tights created a nice blend between the two colors.

If you see me in braids and a beret like this, you know it's my signature style!

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05 November 2016

Lipton Cunningham Review

One of the things I love to do is support my friends and support local indie designers. It is even better when I can do both at the same time. This is why I always try to buy accessories from my friends' shops, and I always love what they make.

Lipton Cunningham launched their small hand-made accessories shop in September 2016 at the OTTea Party with a special discount for attendees. I jumped at the chance to pre-order two amazingly detailed military brooches. They weren't immediately available because the owner needed to get more supplies - that's how popular these were!

I purchased one of each of the military brooches in the dark red colorway. There was another bright red version, but wine matches more of my wardrobe.

Quality - 5/5

I am amazed at the quality of craftsmanship, but not surprised. They also make the accessories for the butler Cafe V, which I have admired for years.

Some of the ends are frayed, but I'm not turned off by this. It's normal for hand-made items to have small imperfections, and I think they are more unique and one-of-a-kind because of it.

Shipping - N/A

I can't provide a review on shipping because I opted for local pickup, but my preorder was finished and ready to go within a few weeks. Not bad for having to travel to buy supplies and handcraft several of these so fast!

Communication - 5/5

Both in person at OTTea and in the email I received about the status of my preorder, communication was fantastic. The owner is polite, prompt, friendly, and really easy to approach with any questions or concerns. 

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