27 October 2015

5 Things I Learned at Disneyland Lolita Day

1. If you’re planning on being at the park all day, wear comfy shoes

I had dressed comfy-cute, but I wanted to wear tea-parties to polish off my outfit. I tried adding some insoles, which are usually a good idea. However, after walking 8 miles back-and-forth in the park and standing on my feet for hours at a time, they were pretty much useless. Next year I will either break up my visit into 2 days or buy thicker, sports-quality insoles. The cheap ones at Target won’t hold up to 12 hours of constant walking and standing.

2. Bring your own food or tupperware

The hotel I was staying at did not have a mini-fridge, so bringing anything more substantial than snack bars, fruit, or jerky was out of the question. My group went to the pizzaria in Tomorrow Land, where spaghetti and meatballs are the best bang for your buck. Someone had brought her own tupperware to store the food she couldn’t finish to eat later on in the day. That is such a good idea, I wish I had done the same!

3. You’ll waste half the day if you look for characters

Unfortunately, this is what my group did. We did end up getting signatures/photos with every character we were looking for (mostly because 3 appeared in the same place simultaneously), but we were not able to get on as many rides as we wanted to. Cast members are unreliable if you ask them where a character is because they only really know if they had just walked by them. 

4. Bring a parasol and a fan

I was the only one in my group who brought a parasol, and I was sure glad I did. Los Angeles can get super hot, especially in October when DLD occurs. A parasol will keep the sun off your back and prevent strangers from bumping into you. We didn’t bring any fans, which would have been nice for moments of no air conditioning or breeze. Keep in mind though, that bringing a parasol that isn’t collapsable will mean you will be holding it in-between your knees during rides!

5. Little kids will think you are a princess

There was an adorable little boy on the tram circulating the park who sat facing backwards, staring at me the entire ride. He kept whispering to him mom “she’s a princes…”, and it was adorable. Even though I don’t consider my coordinate resembling a princess in any way, Disneyland just sets the mood for any young woman wearing a puffy dress and something pretty on her head to be confused as a princess. It’s cute, so please don’t discourage little kids who think you are a princess! 


  1. Your outfit is adorable!
    I've only been to Disneyland once ever and it was around New Year's in Tokyo. I remember it was freezing and by the end of the day I felt like all body temperature had left me for good xD
    Nevertheless I enjoyed taking photos and our group had fun at the rides, even though we did sometimes wait for hours.

  2. Sorry for such a late response! Thank you so much <3
    I went to Disneyland here once around New Years too, and even though it was probably much colder in Tokyo, I know how you feel! But it's so worth it~