04 March 2016

Lolita Blog Carnival: What I Love About My Wardrobe

Now that my big January/February project is over, and March is in full swing, I want to try and blog more often! What is more perfect an opportunity than a Lolita Blog Carnival topic?

  • I love how vibrantly diverse my wardrobe is. That's the number one comment I get from anyone who sees my wardrobe: "You have so many styles!" This does make it harder for me to feel like my closet is complete because I have so many styles I want to develop and fill out, but it does make me feel satisfied that I can pick something out for every occasion! I have gothic pieces, formal classic, casual classic/otome, country, and a full range of sweet pieces from 2008-era sugary Angelic Pretty to old school Baby the Stars Shine Bright to more mature sweet-classic such as Lief and Innocent World~
  • I love how versatile I have made my wardrobe. It most certainly wasn't like this when I first started, but now I am comfortable in how I can pick any piece and find half a dozen ways to coordinate it. It's taken years of practice and collecting to find~
  • I love how my clothes are organized. Yes, I realize this has 100% to do with me and less to do with my wardrobe itself ... But one thing I learned from working at UNIQLO is color/pattern gradient. A good tip to making corners seem brighter and more visually appealing: bring lighter colors near the top/corner~
  • I love how much I love my wardrobe. It is so hard for me to find things to sell because I cherish every piece I have. Sometimes I make bad purchases that I end up desperately trying to sell (currently I have about six pieces hanging on my window and listed on Lacemarket)

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    1. I've had a look at your wardrobe post, and it's definitely versatile. Versatility is probably the one thing every Lolita should aspire to in terms of their wardrobes, it certainly helps when you only have a few main pieces and can't afford new ones. I'm at the stage of building up mine, but that's already a massive improvement from where I was this time last year. :)


    2. Since you mentioned versatility, I think your wardrobe has a lot of navy accents for potential added versatility. I'm surprised your accessories don't reflect that. Pretty good collection though :D when I was in the building stage, my pieces were much more fragmented and all over the place!