02 July 2016

Berlin Blogging: Chocolate Afternoon

I am so happy that I was able to meet with a few Berlin lolitas while on my trip. Marching_duck reached out to me on Instagram, seeing I was here, and organized a mini-meet for me at a cute café. Since I wasn't too familiar with Berlin's transit system, she took the time to meet me near my hotel so I didn't get lost.

I am blown away by these girls' hospitality and kindness!

We ate on the upper floor of Rausch Schokoladenhaus, which was amazing. I ordered an Eisschokolade (thick, chilled chocolate with vanilla ice cream) and a Schwarzwald-Becher (black forest sundae). The four of us split a small tower of truffles. We were so stuffed, we couldn't finish the truffles! I did manage to eat one that had sea salt and one with passion fruit. 
 I really loved how derpy these girls are, it made me feel welcome. Nothing was awkward about the trip, I had such a good time!

After a couple hours in the café, we took a stroll around the plaza chatting and taking outfit photos in front of this building. I assume it was a church. Here in Europe, anything decorated seems to be a museum or a church.

An older English woman offered to take our photo for us, but it didn't turn out so well. With my camera, she got her thumb in every shot and with Kia's polaroid we were all so washed out it was pretty much a waste.
Outfit rundown:

  • Blouse is from Infanta
  • Jumperskirt is handmade by my mother; I had her line it with thin cotton for the summer heat
  • Hair clips are from Innocent World; I wear them so seldom I forget I own them
  • Everything else is offbrand; I didn't want to risk losing my brand in travel.


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