10 August 2016

You Are What You Eat, Breakfast Meet

Bacon is love. Bacon is life.

But no really, I love an American breakfast. Sometimes I go to iHop with my boyfriend in the middle of the night for some bacon, eggs, and pancakes. It was one of the things I missed when I was in Berlin, Germany for a month.

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to hear that there was a breakfast meetup being planned in my local community. It was pretty pricey, but the 45$ was well worth it. We ate at the Laurel Court inside the Fairmont in San Francisco. The room was oddly dim for a breakfast room, but the decor was fabulous and the food even more so.

When you see the banner below, made by the wonderful Chobi, you'll see why I knew I would be bringing my Honey Cake onepiece out of the closet for this meet!
I haven't worn Honey Cake in maybe two years, so I was excited to plan out what I would coordinate with it. I had a few different ideas I considered, but when I remembered that my aunt had made me a buttered toast scarf several years ago I decided to go with an egg-and-toast theme.

I carried the toast into my ankle socks, from an indie Japanese brand I purchased at MaruQ, the handmade scarf, and one of my earrings shaped like a poptart (Get it? toaster stredel? Teehee). My egg accessories were my necklace and other earring, which unfortunately you can't see. 

OTT isn't usually what I go for, but I was too excited to use all my food themed items. The two pins are from Peppermint Fox, my biscuit bag is from Swimmer, and my foodie rings are from various offbrand and Etsy purchases.
Now back to the food!

We got to choose from: sticky warm pecan buns, fresh waffles, an omelet bar, french toast and caramelized banana sauce, heaps of perfect bacon, fat sausages, bowls of different kinds of fruit, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, a whole case of pastries and bread, oatmeal, cereal, cold cuts and cheeses, potatoes, eggs benedict, fresh orange juice, smoothies, and champagne or espresso drinks (for extra).

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is.

I helped myself to two whole plates of food. Some girls had even more! I would have gone back for thirds of bacon and fruit but my stomach was desperately telling me to stop.

And I'm glad I did, because after brunch was over I went to Japantown to purchase a parasol from BTSSB and ended up getting pearl tea. If you know me, pearl tea is my lifeblood second only to bacon, tacos, and ice cream.

In the Japantown mall there is a pearl tea place that sells drinks with an option of having cotton candy on top. I'd been meaning to try it, and I finally had the chance. I ordered kiwi green tea, and the cotton candy they had was the traditional blue mystery-flavor.
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  1. I do like an all-day breakfast, but don't usually get to eat it. I know that if I indulged in it too often (which I'd be susceptible to doing) I'd just grow too fat for the clothes I currently own and I'd rather stay my size. But I won't lie, that does sound totally mouth watering, especially the fresh orange juice, I can never have enough of that!

    I'm glad you wore this dress, it deserves some love. But it looks like a very warm coord for August, it can't be that cold down in San Francisco... oO


    1. I agree with you about over-indulging, and I think I'll be working all this off over the next couple of weeks ;P

      It actually is that cold! Originally I had planned on taking off my cardigan and scarf after I took an outfit shot, but it was chilly enough that I wanted to keep it on. I only took it off when I had my tea later because I was sitting under a sky-light. You'd be surprised how chilly it is in SF summer!

  2. The egg scarf is so cute!