23 September 2016

Skills Every Lolita Should Have

Everyone needs skills to survive in life. Every lolita needs skills to ... well I don't know, not waste our paychecks?

This week's LBC topic is skills that every lolita should have. Some suggestions were navigating brand websites in other languages, sewing, packing for lolita trips, etc. I thought of some more basic - but super important - skills I think would make you a better lolita.

1. Being able to budget. Budgeting is hard enough as it is (even I don't really have it down yet...) but add an expensive hobby and all hell could break loose. Unless you have an unlimited source of play money, limiting your fashion purchases is a good idea. Remember that you cannot buy every pretty dress you see online. There are a lot of dresses I would love to own and love even more to just stare at with puppy-dog eyes. But I know that my income can't support these desires. And neither could my closet... You'll be better off saving up for purchases through set amounts that you put aside each time you get money. Payment plans are sometimes a good idea when a dream dress shows up, but use that privilege sparingly. Saving up is always better for preventing impulse buys you later regret. Check out my video for some tips for making good purchases.

2. Having patience. This not only applies to waiting for a better deal on a dream dress than the first scalper you see after a bloodbath release, but it also means being able to sit back and take it easy. Don't rush into the fashion at the beginning, take the time to save up and buy all the necessities before flouncing around in a petti-less jsk and your ratty sneakers. Have the patience to sift through google results and Facebook group topics to find the answer to your question. Trust me - it's already been answered.

3. Learn how to use a needle and thread. I don't mean knowing how to sew a whole new piece or embroider or anything like that. Being able to quickly fix a tear in a blouse or sew back on a button is a priceless skill inside and outside lolita. Watch Youtube videos or ask a friend to show you how, and you will save tons of money from seamstresses or replacements.

4. Being able to control your emotions. I don't want to sound mean, but it's true! It is important to control yourself because people can be really judgmental. Be able to take constructive criticism on a coordinate without feeling like its a personal attack. Don't be so jealous of someone who gets to wear your dream dress, it will only harbor bad feelings and make you feel worse about not owning it. Don't go around exposing dirty laundry because you had a fight with another lolita. It creates a vicious cycle of bullies. Write your feelings out in a diary. Talk about them to someone completely outside the fashion. Close your laptop or take a break from meetups if you need to.

5. Have self-confidence. Lolita fashion is about expressing yourself, so don't be afraid or ashamed to do so! You can be any size, color, gender, or religion to be a lolita. You can like any kind of music, movies, food, animals, colors, etc. Lolita should be about what makes you feel beautiful, creative, and confident! If you don't have the confidence to wear lolita outside the house or try out a new substyle, you'll only limit yourself.

6. Know how to make a good coordinate. Unlike jeans and t-shirts, lolita takes a lot more effort to create an outfit. You have to juggle so many different elements, from blouses and socks to hair and makeup, that putting together an outfit is a vital skill. It isn't guaranteed that you'll be able to snag every matching piece from a series, so finding accessories and headwear that match is challenging. Knowing how to balance accent colors - or add whole new ones! - can really make your outfit shine. Take a look at my video for tips on how I make my coordinates.

7. Learn how to hand wash. Personally, I have never taken any of my clothes to the dry cleaners. Even when I was selling a courdroy and velvet piece, I carefully scrubbed the stain with a tooth brush and baking soda and lemon juice. Learning how to take care of your lolita by yourself will save you a lot of money and headache when stains arrive. Whether you need to spot-remove a small stain in a public restroom sink or tenderly clean not-colorfast prints, knowing the proper cleaning methods for a variety of stains and smells is a great tool to have in your lolita skill belt.

What other skills do you think lolitas should have?

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  1. Control emotions, not thing I great at, but a least I not a trash talking person. I just hate seeing newbies being slaughtered for asking or coordinates. One of more rude was a person asking why you wearing a costume?
    But it was bodyline op with bodyline accesory, it isn't we recommend to newbies?! I did not checked the comm for a couple of days.

    Washing, I personal prefer washingmachine safe items, I don't have any space I can liedrying things like dresses. Blouse and socks are not a problem.