25 February 2017

How to Take Amazing Outfit Shots

If you're a lolita, odds are that you take photos of your outfits. Maybe you keep them in a folder on your phone or computer for later reference and inspiration, but maybe you like to share them online.

There are a few reasons why you should learn how to take really good outfit shots. Not only should you take pride in your coordinates and your personal style, but it is hard to get feedback or genuine compliments if your friends can't see what you're wearing clearly.

Hopefully these simple hints and suggestions will help you take amazing photos of your outfits, whether you only have a mirror or are lucky enough to have a friend or tripod.

What all great shots have in common:
  • Bright, soft lighting
  • Clear, sharp, high-quality resolution
  • Good balance between the subject, the frame, and the background

What to avoid:
  • Dark, sharp, or over-exposed lighting
  • Blurry or grainy resolution
  • Short-leg syndrome
  • Messy/cluttered backgrounds
  • No posing, boring arms by your sides

Examples of bad outfit shots:

Left: The photo is way too blurry, you can't see any details. Bad lighting. Includes others that might not consent to being posted on the internet.
Right: Messy background, distracting. Bad lighting. No posing. Too far away, cannot see outfit.

Examples of good outfit shots:

Left: Even lighting, simple pose but shows off main accessory. 
Right: Clean background, edited photo to fix bad lighting.

If you have a friend to help you or a stable tripod for your camera, taking great shots is easy! Keep lighting and backgrounds in mind, and shoot away. Keeping the camera at waist or chest level will prevent short-leg syndrome, where your legs look super tiny because of the perspective from a high shot. Zoom out to the point where your whole body is in the frame but not so much that the background overwhelms the shot and you can barely see outfit details.

If you only have a mirror to help you take a photo, don't worry! There are two common ways for taking these photos. Some people hold their phone in front of their face. This offers a bit of anonymity if you don't want to show your face and gives an easy pose because your arm is up. However, this might block some details of your outfit. Another idea is to hold the phone away from your face and body. It will take more time and effort to get the frame set up because of the awkward angle, but you will see every glorious part of your outfit. If you can, move the mirror so that light shines on you instead of from behind you. If this isn't possible because the mirror is anchored to the wall, see if you can get your camera to focus on your body and adjust the lighting so you aren't super dark.

I hope these tips are helpful for improving your selfie game!

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