15 April 2017

Daydream Bed Unboxing

I've been pumped for this year's Angelic Pretty x Imai Kira collaboration since I saw the sneak preview from the annual winter fashion show. I'm super lazy and would love to stay in bed all day. This print was too perfect.

This print reminds me of The Princess and the Pea. Did anyone else love that fairy tale?

If you'd like to actually see me unboxing this dress and see a few clips of me wearing it, here is the video:

The Color 

I was a little hesitant about which color to get. Like most people, I loved the blue-grey option exclusive for tea party attendees. Unfortunately, my SS didn't attend. I waffled between pink and cream. Last year's pink ended up being more lilac than a true pink which disappointed me. However, the cream seemed too yellow for me. What to do?

I ended up choosing pink again. If it ended up being purple, at least it might match the headbow I have for Charlotte's Bear.

Which it did. It was definitely more lilac than even Charlotte's Bear, but the difference is so slight that the headbow matches.

The Fabric

The fabric is the same as Charlotte's Bear. I suppose comparing these two isn't the most helpful since Imai Kira dresses aren't widely owned... But there isn't anything else I can compare it to.

Angelic Pretty dresses are often either a really thin chiffon, a buttery soft fabric, a dense cotton, or a silk. This dress has fabric that is almost like a tote bag, but soft and thin. I know this is a weird descriptor, but hopefully you'll see what I mean in the photo below.

The Fit

This year's collaboration only offered empire-waist cuts, so it didn't really matter which one I went with. The JSK looked so short it might have looked like a mumu on me, but the cut of the OP is a little strange.

Luckily the bust is much more comfortable and loose than last year - which if you saw my unboxing or any outfit photos with it, you'll see a super tight boobloaf - which is amazing. However, where the bust cuts off is just tight enough that I can't easily lift my arms above my shoulders because it catches. With or without a sports bra. I really didn't want to take a photo, so hopefully you can use your imagination.

The length is decent, I like how AP dresses seem to be longer than their golden era dresses while still keeping to traditional knee-length cuts instead of the tea-length trend.

Sleeves are loose and comfortable. I don't have particularly thin or thick wrists, and I could easily pull my hands through the cuffs. If you need them, there are buttons to help!

The Details

I love how Angelic Pretty has so many little construction details!

  • As you'll see in my video, the collar has two high-quality buttons and loops underneath to keep the back closed. I was able to fit my head through without unbuttoning the collar, but it's a nice option.
  • All the buttons are adorable gold stars, which is both helpfully generic if I need to buy replacements and cute for the sleepy theme.
  • The bow on the front is detachable, along with the waist-ties. 
  • Sometimes brands make really weird mistakes along the seams where the print doesn't match up, but this time the print looked relatively nice along all three seams. 
  • Because it zips up the back, two pockets!
  • If you can't read the text along the bottom, it says "Sleep Well. Sweet Dreams."

Thank you for reading my blog, it really means a lot. 

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  1. Omg the trials of "pink"-matching!! That coord is beautiful, though, looks like a good match to me! Also, yay, two pockets, I love those kind!