12 May 2017

What Sort Of Tutorials I Would Like To See More Of

As someone who has made tutorials in the past (and is working on some more...stay tuned!) this week's topic was hard to do. The reason I don't make a lot of tutorials is because of two reasons:

  1. I don't feel like I am an expert in any one particular thing. I'm more of a generalist, a Renaissance woman who knows a fair amount on a lot of different topics. I am definitely not a specialist, so I don't feel like I have the authority to give a solid tutorial. 
  2. I find it hard to get inspiration for tutorials that are helpful, interesting, and haven't been done already. I would really love some feedback. What sort of tutorials would you like to see more of, especially that you would like to see from me?
The best method for creating content is to think from the perspective of your audience. What would they like to learn how to do? 

To do this, I think "What would I like to see? What would I appreciate seeing a tutorial for if I didn't already know how to do it?" and try to come up with content that fits that need. 

Here are a few tutorials I want to see more of, whether or not I already know how to do them:

Photo credit Parfait Doll

Makeup Tutorials:

I see a lot of my favorite Youtubers straying away from makeup tutorials. I can never get enough, even if applying makeup is pretty much the same concept. It is relaxing to watch someone do their makeup, and once in a blue moon I get really inspired to do something I haven't tried before. It's a lot better than makeup "first impressions" because you get to see new makeup actually being used.

Hair Tutorials:

This is something not very common among lolitas bloggers and vloggers. I am not good at styling my own hair, and it takes forever for me to do anything other than my staples (single wrapped braid, low double braids, fishtails, sock bun). I would love to see tutorials for other hairstyles I can do easily. There are a few hair style tutorials that I am working on myself actually, but my knowledge of working with hair is limited.

Social Conventions:

I am a huge fan of social conventions. I am traditional and worry needlessly about how I appear to others. My number one rule is to discretely watch how others behave in a situation and apply that to how I act. I would love to see tutorials for how to deal with certain situations/activities related to the fashion. How to navigate Taobao, how to order from BTSSB, how to set up a Tenso account, how to host a meetup, how to deal with online bullies, how to politely negotiate prices, how to deal with scammers, etc. Some of these I've already learned through the 8+ years I've been in the fashion, but there is always something else to learn. Education never stops.

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  1. How to make constructive bag reviews. Luckily I don't need a new bag, but I am tired af reviews that center the reviewer as true brand lover. It is almost as secret community about where to go. Also a bag there is super soft, is not a good quality, it is one of various reason I am not using my AP bag, scuffs and fractures in pleather. Also it is crazy living in Denmark with a bag, which is not waterproof.
    Also Indie brands can make waterproof sturdy bags, why can't the Big brands? Also a tutorial to read such brandlover reviews.

  2. I agree! Styling hair isn't my strong point so I'd love to see more hair tutorials,and watching others do make-up is really satisfying, I can never get enough ~